Lead Pastor

at Corinth Reformed Church

About this role

Corinth Reformed Church is a dynamic and growing ministry of 1,700 weekly worshippers in beautiful West Michigan. We are searching for a Lead Pastor with a strong commitment to serving Jesus Christ who has a growing and deepening relationship with Him marked by prayer and a clear sense of calling. The ideal candidate for this role will be marked by gifts of preaching, leadership, evangelism, and the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our culture without compromising the importance of living and leading biblically. Candidates for the Lead Pastor position should have a Master of Divinity degree or similar level of education from an accredited seminary in the Reformed tradition.



A candidate for the Lead Pastor position should have a history of significant leadership responsibilities, preferably in a large church. This individual should have extensive pastoral and life experience, a thorough knowledge of the Bible, and a solid background in the areas of preaching, organizational leadership, delegation, and administration.

Candidates to be considered will:

  • Possess at minimum a Master of Divinity degree or similar level education from an accredited seminary.
  • Be an ordained minister of the gospel who acknowledges the authority of Scripture, the power of prayer, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and broadly adheres to traditional Reformed theology.
  • Have at least ten or more years of ministry experience with at least five years of experience in a larger church.
  • Maintain a passionate prayer life.
  • Be a gifted preacher and teacher, with a deep love and understanding of God's Word.
  • Approach the surrounding community as a mission field.

General Responsibilities

● Leadership of Corinth Church Ministries

  • Provide visionary and directional leadership of the consistory (elders and deacons), the executive committee, and the church staff.
  • Oversee and encourage the multiplication of leaders, ministries, and volunteers by developing and empowering the staff and lay leadership of the church through teaching, leadership, and vision development.

● Preaching

  • Provide primary preaching at a majority of the Sunday worship services.
  • Establish a preaching schedule and provide content direction for the pastoral staff and guest preachers.
  • Work with the arts and programming teams to make sure worship services follow a consistent biblical theme.

● Pastoral Care and Counseling

  • Make emergency or crisis calls in partnership with the Pastor of Care.
  • Provide pastoral care when appropriate.
  • Conduct weddings and funerals in conjunction with others on pastoral staff and at the direction of the consistory.

● Evangelism Ministries

  • Ensure that the evangelistic temperature of the church remains high through regular preaching, teaching, training, and modeling a lifestyle of personal evangelism.
  • Be actively involved on the Outreach Influence Team and partnering with the Outreach Influence Team Leader to ensure that all church ministries have an evangelistic focus and that all ministry leaders are personally living out an evangelistic lifestyle and including outreach into their area of ministry.

How to apply

Those who would like to prayerfully consider the position are encouraged to visit www.corinthreformed.org/LeadPa... where you can download a job description and application form along with a church profile. To apply, please email your resume, a cover letter, and the completed application form to [email protected]

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