Pastor of Discipleship and Worship

at Grace Evangelical Free Church

About this role

PLEASE NOTE: As of February 2nd, we will no longer be receiving resumes. We might reopen the position at a later date.

Grace Church is an 18 year old Evangelical Free Church located in SW Wisconsin in the beautiful Driftless region. We have two morning services and an average attendance of 210, about half of whom are children and teens (

Our strengths include being a close community of many healthy families, where all ages are regularly equipped for ministry in a variety of settings and where intergenerational relationships are encouraged. Additionally, our leadership team has a history of being healthy and unified, with strong congregational support.

What follows is a job description inclusive of the areas where we would like to develop more consistency. The specifics may be altered depending on a candidate's gifts and calling (see senior pastor's note below).



  • Above all, be humble and teachable.
  • Have a strong personal, growing faith with the desire to connect others to the grace and truth of God.
  • Fulfill the membership commitments of Grace Church.
  • Be in full agreement with the Discipleship Strategy and abide by the Constitution and By-laws and policies of Grace Church.
  • Have proven experience recruiting volunteers, multiplying disciple-makers, developing leaders and relating well to people.
  • Possess skills and experience to lead corporate worship and be able to train and equip worship leaders and worship team members.
  • Have a strong marriage and family life.
  • Have a calling to work with youth, families and worship.
  • Have the ability to pass a background check.
  • Have solid administration/organization skills in order to manage ministries, budgets and volunteers.
  • Be technologically literate with strong communication skills.
  • Possess a ministry degree or equivalent.
  • Possess a ministry credential in the EFCA or obtain an EFCA ministry license (within 3 years) or EFCA ordination (within 5 years).


  • Spend approximately 60-70% of his time on discipleship responsibilities and the remainder on worship responsibilities.
  • Identify and develop people and processes for effective discipleship of all ages in the church in accordance with the Discipleship Strategy.
  • Be a spiritual resource for parents on practical Biblical application in the household. Help parents learn to be the primary spiritual influencers in their home and to understand the church can only supplement what is happening in the home.
  • Support the youth and family ministry leaders and volunteers in administration and development of programs and recruitment of volunteers.
  • Lead the music portion of our worship services as needed.
  • Provide training, resources and instructions for ministry leaders and volunteers within the youth and family ministries and worship ministries.
  • Encourage members to use their spiritual gifts and help identify opportunities where members can use those gifts in the body.
  • Encourage intergenerational ministries and service opportunities to help all generations to recognize how God is working in the whole family of God.
  • Preach up to 12 times per year, according to giftedness and personal development of the candidate.
  • Serve as an ex-officio elder and work in mutual submission to the elder board.
  • Work collaboratively with the senior pastor to shepherd the congregation.
  • Be an active member of committees and teams related to his responsibilities.
  • Fulfill assigned responsibilities by the elders and senior pastor.


  • Salary and housing allowance commensurate with experience and education.
  • Medical insurance/benefits, retirement benefits and workman's compensation
  • A ministry expense account
  • 4 weeks of vacation per year
  • A Sabbatical, when appropriate. (see Sabbatical Policy)
  • Moving expenses
  • Support and encouragement from the elders and congregation

Note from the senior pastor:

This job description may seem pretty huge, like maybe too much. It's difficult to describe a dual role job description on paper. In large churches, job descriptions are easier in some ways as the position is more defined. In a church our size, the boundaries are a little more "squishy." That's why a conversation would be helpful. If you are interested, I'd love to talk with you. In the meantime, here is some additional information to help nuance the job description.

  • In the discipleship areas, I already do most of these things and will keep doing many/most as we collaborate together. So part of this job description will be shared by me.
  • Preaching is very flexible. It's in there if the person wants to develop in this area but it's not absolutely necessary. Currently, a Local CRU staff preaches once per month.
  • We just hired a discipleship consultant to assist us in this area. Therefore, some of the ideas and accountability will be coming from him and our working with him.
  • Of course we will allow this person to ease into the roles. We don't expect anyone to do all of this from day one.
  • Because the candidate will be leading worship, it is a bit like we are hiring a worship leader that can also do discipleship well, even though the job description leans toward discipleship responsibilities. We feel that discipleship and worship are two sides of the same coin. It may be that the worship role becomes larger down the road but discipleship will always be a part, unless we were to hire a third staff one day.
  • To me, the collaboration piece is HUGE. It will allow us to
  1. Be better together than as individuals.
  2. Be united in vision and communication at all times.
  3. Free each of us to be empowered to serve according to our gifts and abilities.

How to apply

If interested, please send a cover letter, one page bio and resume to Rich Maurer at [email protected] If available, please include relevant links to examples of preaching/teaching and leading worship.

Check out our website and visit the Pastor of Discipleship and Worship tab (under About).

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