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About this role

We are looking for leaders who have oriented their lives around the glory of God to join our team. These leaders live a transparent life before God and others, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and rely wholly on the power and grace of Jesus whom works mightily within them.

Our aim at Hope Fellowship is to see Jesus magnified in the community of Hillsboro, OR (a bedroom community of Portland), and beyond. We believe anything is possible, for God can do all things! Our vision is bigger than ability, but we prefer it that way in order that God be magnificently glorified in and around us! We are a Kingdom-minded church with a passion to raise up leaders who will take the gospel to the nations. Thus, we are a church plant who aims to plant churches in our city, state, nation, and beyond our borders.

If you feel called to come alongside a Christ-centered, glory-driven church plant, I invite you to consider partnering with me and the Hope Fellowship church family.

May Jesus be known, and His glory proclaimed!

For His glory,

Bobby Gaither

Lead Pastor


Hope Fellowship joyfully associates with the North West Region of the North American Baptist Association (NABNW— We are a Christ-centered, glory-driven church. We claim alliance with The Gospel Coalition, and affirm their statement of doctrines. We are the result of a young church plant (2016) that merged with an existing church in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Our purpose is to behold the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Thus, we are a Bible saturated church, and are committed to expositional preaching from our pulpit. Our Mission is to make disciples, and bring others into the joy of beholding and knowing Jesus the Christ! Our Vision for Hope is that we would be a conduit for the gospel of Christ to reach our neighbors, our cities, our nation, and our world! Jesus is the God of the cosmos, therefore, our vision for the proclamation of His name must exceed our own borders.

This means we are a sending church. Therefore, we are Kingdom minded, and we aim, from the outset, to raise up leaders in order to send them out and reap the harvest. We have been influenced by many books and church leaders, and are now walking through "The Trellis and the Vine." We will be using The Vine Project as part of our elder training.


We are looking for men, women, and families who want to live according to this purpose, mission, and vision. Specifically, we seek people with gifts in the following areas in order to advance the kingdom in our community:

-Worship leadership

-Community group leadership

-Youth/Young adult ministry

While we are seeking help from all participants of the church, we believe the Bible clearly identifies male eldership in the church. Therefore, the leader of these ministries, if considered an elder or pastor, will be male.


They must be called to lead, and qualified according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and Titus 1:5-9

They must be gifted in the areas of their ministry focus, yet humble and willing to learn.

They must be willing for mentorship and development in music, preaching/teaching, disciple-making, and leadership.

They must live a life of prayer and the word that exudes the fragrance of Christ.

They must be marked by humility and willing to bend to the Scripture as the final authority.

They must have a reformed theological understanding of the Scriptures, for unity with the leadership.

An undergraduate degree is preferred, but not required.


We are a young church plant, however, we believe God is able to do "immeasurably more than we could ever ask or think!" This currently isn't a funded position. As we pray and are led to the right candidate, we will be seeking funds from a grant. We are committed to care for whomever God would bring to us. We believe, for the person called to this ministry, God will make it abundantly clear that this is where God has lead. Provision always follows, and it may be a combination of part time employment and ministry employment.

How to apply

Get to know us at

Email resume and cover letter to [email protected] Include in the email your answers to the following:

Describe your faith journey

Who is Jesus?

How does one come to Christ?

What is your responsibility in the great commission?

What is your personal purpose, mission, and vision for your life?

What areas of ministry are you seeking to develop?

What is your personal demographic? Family? Children?

Then, expect an email response and a phone or Skype conversation to follow. Together, we will pray God leads you to the place of ministry where you will be most used for His glory, and your joy.

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